Engineering Taught by Engineers

At Semantic Square, we are not just about teaching. We also build real products. Software development is integral to our company and it helps us develop great courses. It enables us to incorporate real-world scenarios as opposed to using trivial examples in explaining new concepts. Course projects are often based on the products we develop. We see ourselves as engineers first and then educators.

Our engineers are committed to writing well-crafted code that follows best design practices. They bring the same level of passion and commitment to the courses they teach. Our single most important goal is to build confident and complete engineers. In other words, build happy engineers.

Our Story

The idea of Semantic Square has taken its roots during its founder's (Dheeru Munduru) experience as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. After working for several years with many excellent engineers, Dheeru realized that sometimes the teams he worked with fell short of developing effective solutions. This led to several rounds of "code refactoring" resulting in loss of valuable time. This he realized was due to programming not being taught in the right way at most Universities & Colleges across the world. Students are mostly taught core programming language features without any emphasis on best practices or design rules required for writing well-designed code. Due to this, developers are often ill-equipped when they have to come up with good solutions for complex problems. This leads to some quick ad-hoc & incomplete learning, which often not only result in bad solutions, but also more importantly causes lot of stress on developer's part. This made Dheeru realize that a more holistic approach to teaching is needed where programming language features are taught along with best practices & design principles needed for building well-designed robust software. Semantic Square's flagship Java In-Depth Masterclass was a result of this realization. It was meticulously built over several years and was first launched on Udemy where it quickly received tremendous response from students across the world and has since remained as one of Udemy's top Java courses.

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